Getting a great recording is about more than expensive gear and a nice sounding room (although if you check out the Noise Root page you’ll find out my studio has both). It is about capturing a great performance with excellent equipment and technique. All the while maintaining a calm and creative environment.


My goal with a song is not just to make it sound good, but to communicate emotion. If a song is sad then the guitar tones and reverbs should reflect that. If its supposed to inspire you to get up and dance then the drums and overall mix should reflect that. Mixing is about taking the listener on both a sonic and emotional journey.


The final touches! Mastering should elevate an album, but not just in volume. Too often people just slam the limiters and call it mastered, but a good master completely enhances all of the best parts of each song, while cleverly smoothing out the rough edges. If you’re still not sure, come by the studio and I promise you’ll hear the difference immediately.

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